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GMDVP Responds to Gay Domestic Violence Homicide in Provincetown

The organization is saddened to hear of the death of David Walton, a victim of a domestic violence homicide in a camping ground in Provincetown on April 3rd. This is the second confirmed domestic violence homicide in the past month involving a gay male couple. There is at one additional male on male homicide in the same period that may also be determined to be a gay male domestic violence homicide in the future once more facts are known about the case. Read full story.

Groundbreaking Discussion about Domestic Violence in the Black Queer Community

That was the topic of conversation during a groundbreaking roundtable discussion hosted by GMDVP in collaboration with black gay community leaders.

“There is such a lack of basic research, commentary, and resources afforded to the LGBT survivor population,”  said Iain Gill, GMDVP’s education director, who moderated the discussion entitled “Domestic Violence in the Black Queer Community,” adding, “When coupled with issues around white privilege and race, barriers to accessing services only become wider.”

The facilitated conversation took place on Thursday evening, Feb. 17, at Boston-based Fenway Health. More than 75 people attended. Read more.

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