Education and Training Programs

GMDVP offers several types of presentations – ranging from presentations to community groups to professional trainings for service providers.

GMDVP presentations are usually 1 to 1.5 hours, but may be longer or shorter depending on requested content. Most GMDVP presentations are free; however, a donation is suggested for institutions that can afford to do so and a fee may be requested to cover travel expenses – especially outside of Massachusetts.

Although each presentation is tailored specifically to its audience, most presentations are variations of the following outline.

  • A Survivor’s Story
    A GBT survivor of intimate partner abuse will share his personal survivor story with the audience followed by a facilitated Q&A session.
  • GBT Intimate Partner Abuse Overview
    • A definition of intimate partner abuse
    • Difference between assault and domestic violence
    • The cycle of violence in a relationship
    • Types of abuse
    • Power and control
    • Role of sexism and gender in domestic violence
    • Differences between GBT domestic violence and heterosexual domestic violence
    • Barriers to service for GBT individuals
    • Increasing access to service for GBT individuals
    • Statistics of GBT partner abuse
    • GMDVP services and other service providers
    • How you can help

Components can be added to or subtracted from a training outline depending on the audience. Two common components added to trainings with service providers are ‘GLBT issues and definitions 101’ and ‘Issues to consider when exploring opening up your domestic violence shelter to male victims.’

Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool Training

GMDVP also offers a 2-hour mini-training on the Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool. The Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool was created to assist service providers in determining who is the perpetrator and who is the victim in a GLBT relationship where abuse exists.

GMDVP co-authored the tool which is a product of the GLBT Domestic Violence Coalition. While GMDVP recommends that individuals and organizations attend one of the Coalition’s comprehensive full-day trainings on the screening tool, the mini-training is offered for organizations which cannot logistically attend a full-day training.

Topics covered in the mini-training include:

  • Reasons to Screen
  • Definition of Domestic Violence
  • Screening Guidelines
  • Screening process: questions, as well as synthesizing and analyzing answers – how to identify perpetrator and survivor
  • Learning scenarios

The Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool mini-training is appropriate for service providers, educators and students. There is a mandatory cost of $250 for this training as it is the product of the GLBT Domestic Violence Coalition. The cost includes up to 20 copies of the /Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool/. Cost for the training increases with groups larger than 20 or for travel outside of the Greater Boston Area

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