History of GMDVP


  • Male victim of domestic violence who fled an attempted murder was denied access to multiple mainstream domestic violence shelters because he was a gay man


  • Gay male victim founded GMDVP so that other gay male victims in crisis will not face similar discrimination
  • Co-founded the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Domestic Violence Coalition for agencies providing domestic violence services for GLBT people in Massachusetts.

1994 to 1996 Start-up Years

  • Driven by Volunteers
  • Incorporated
  • Hosted Community Leaders Forum
  • Prioritized Education
  • Delivered keynote address at the Massachusetts District Attorneys Conference

1997 to 1998 Community Education

  • Secured Small Grants & Opened Office
  • Hired Education Coordinator
  • Documented Prevalence
  • Educated GLBT and DV Communities
  • Honored as “Innovative New Program” by The United States Department of Justice and Boston Police Department
  • Executive Director appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts as the first individual to represent the GLBT community on the Governor’s Commission on Domestic Violence.

1999 to 2002 Began Direct Service

  • Ran Major Outdoor Media Campaign
  • Initiated 24-hour Hotline
  • Started First Gay Male Safe Homes
  • Opened Office in Western Mass
  • Created outreach materials for GLBT youth on abusive and healthy relationships.

2003 to 2006 Expansion of Services

  • Opened Cape/Islands Office
  • Ran 2nd Outdoor Media Campaign
  • Began First/Last Month Rent Program
  • Secured GLBT Attorney Program
  • Persuaded State Legislature to Use Inclusive Domestic Violence Language
  • Co-Authored Groundbreaking Screening Tool to Identify Victim
  • Co-Founded Family Justice Center of Boston as an Original On-site Partner
  • Co-Hosted First State House Public Hearing on GLBT Domestic Violence

2007 to Today

  • Provide services to over 400 clients/year
  • Twelve Staff and Four Offices Throughout State
  • Direct Services, Education/Outreach and Policy Advocacy
  • GLBT Legal Assistance for Victims

Since 1994, GMDVP has served more than 3,000 clients, distributed over 100,000 individual pieces of GMDVP literature, and conducted trainings and presentations to thousands.

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