Learn How to Help

It’s easy!

The Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project can use a helping hand – your helping hand. There are many ways to become involved with GMDVP.

Become a Volunteer
Email: volunteer@gmdvp.org for information regarding volunteer orientation and opportunities.

Help Raise Awareness

  • Bring GMDVP to your organization or class for a presentation about domestic violence and GLBT cultural competency.
  • Post or distribute literature at your place of work, gym, healthcare center,  area police station or courthouse, your neighborhood coffeehouse, your nearest Laundromat … the list is endless.

Provide Financial Assistance and Support
Donate using our secure online giving page.

Attend a GMDVP Fundraiser or Educational Seminar/Forum
This is your opportunity to meet our staff, learn more about GMDVP, and hear stories from survivors.

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