How to File a Restraining Order: a restraining order is free, and you don’t need a lawyer to obtain one. GMDVP’s legal advocate can assist you in getting a 209A.

How to Clear Your Browser: when you search for information or communicate about partner abuse, do not use any computer to which your abuser has access. Your Internet and email activities leave traces on your computer that can be found by your abuser.

Services for Friends and Family of Victims and Survivors: You may know someone who is currently being abused by an intimate partner or who has left an abusive partner.

A Service Provider’s Guide for Working with GLBT Victims and Survivors: Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project offers a range of services for service providers, including: Case Consultation, Safety Planning, Crisis Intervention, Information and Referrals, Education & Training, and Educational Materials.

Information for Batterers: do not make excuses or blame others for abusive behavior. Abusive behavior in any form, including violence or the threat of violence, is always your choice. Counseling is available for abusive behavior. Seek a qualified professional who is knowledgeable about intimate partner abuse.

GLBT Domestic Violence Attorney Program: offers legal advice, referrals, and representation to low-income survivors. All services are free and confidential. Although our target populations are the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities, we work with all survivors regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity  or gender expression. We also work with the leather and S/M communities. Our services include assistance with: restraining orders, immigration, family law, housing, and employment. Click here to download the full brochure.

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