Survivor Stories

Neil’s Story
I was 16 when I met “Adam.” He was the first gay male I had ever. Although he was 27, eleven years older than I, I didn’t think the age difference was a big deal. The first two weeks I knew him, we saw each other every day and he made me feel so special, he made me feel like a prince. I was an awkward 16 year old boy with oversized glasses that always seemed to be crooked, stringy hair that wouldn’t style, acne, and a goofy smile, yet somehow everything “Adam” said to me just made me feel attractive and important.

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Dennis’ Story
Dennis was 22 when he got involved with Alex. In the beginning, Alex was a very fun and caring man. Living in Florida at the time, they spent most days at the beach. They had a lot of fun and grew very close. Alex introduced Dennis to Cuban cooking and Dennis got him to like country music.

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Curt’s Story
Before I begin, I want to tell you that my batterer could be a generous, sweet, charming, sensitive man – capable of giving and receiving an intense and fulfilling level of commitment and passion. I say this not to defend him. You are about to read the negative side of our 3 1/2-year relationship. For you to get a true picture of how this relationship developed, you need to know that there was more to it than the abuse.

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