Information for Batterers

To create an environment that feels safe and welcoming for victims, GMDVP only support victims and survivors of domestic violence; and do not work with batterers. If you are wondering whether you are being abusive in your relationship, you may want to contact one of the resources listed below and discuss your behavior with a domestic violence professional.

Violence and other forms of abuse are not part of a healthy relationship. Some people believe, and the media tends to reinforce the idea, that abuse is a usual part of relationships. This is not true. Abuse is unhealthy behavior that damages the relationship.

Do not make excuses or blame others for abusive behavior. Alcohol, drugs, work problems, jealousy, trauma histories, HIV/AIDS and stresses resulting from racism or homophobia may all combine with battering, but they do not explain or excuse abuse. If you are a person who batters and you are also abusing drugs or alcohol, then you have two serious, separate issues. One does not excuse the other. Similarly, if you have been a victim of child abuse, hate crimes, or other trauma in your life, you are not relieved of responsibility for your abusive conduct. You choose to abuse. Do not blame your partner, your family or others for your abusive behavior.

Accept responsibility for your behavior. Abusive behavior in any form, including violence or the threat of violence, is always your choice.

Counseling is available for abusive behavior. Seek a qualified professional who is knowledgeable about intimate partner abuse.

Couple counseling for abusive relationships is inappropriate and is not recommended. In fact, any form of therapeutic treatment where the abuser and the abused partner are in the treatment together is inappropriate.

Resources for Batterers
The following is a listing of the Massachusetts Certified Batterer Intervention Programs. Contact the program director to learn more about the group schedule, locations and fee schedule.
(Download the full listing of resources in MA)

2464 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 101
Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone: 617-547-9879
Fax: 617-547-0904
Co-Director: David Adams
Co-Director: Susan Cayouette
Language(s) Served: Cambodian, English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Cultural Group(s): Lesbians, Gay Men
Group Site(s): Cambridge, Lowell, Roxbury

Common Purpose
455 Arborway
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130-3623
Phone: 617-522-6500
Fax: 617-522-6595
Director: Mitch Rothenberg
Language(s) Served: English, Haitian Creole
Group Site(s): Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Quincy