Services for Friends and Family of a Victim or Survivor

You may know someone who is currently being abused by an intimate partner or who has left an abusive partner. This experience can be difficult for you and strain your relationship with the survivor, even though you want to remain supportive. You may be helping or want to help him (See How to Help). If so, you may need assistance and support yourself.

The Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project (GMDVP) offers services to friends and family of survivors. These services include:


The first step in supporting a survivor of intimate partner abuse is to become knowledgeable about abuse. GMDVP through its training programs, educational brochures and Website offers a wealth of information on intimate partner abuse. Review the Education and Outreach section of this Website or contact: GMDVP Education and Outreach by e-mail at or call 617-354-6056.

Someone to Talk With

You may need someone to just listen to your experience with your friend or family member. You may not have anyone with whom you can confide or you may want to talk with someone who really understands what you and your friend or family member are experiencing. GMDVP staff are available 24 hours a day via our Hotline at 800-832-1901.


GMDVP offers coaching for you on how to support your friend or family member. How do you offer practical help, assist him to think through his situation, develop options with him and create a plan for his safety? Contact Client Services through this Website or call 800-832-1901.

Support for Self

Supporting a person who is being or has been abused can take an emotional toll on you. GMDVP offers short-term counseling, as well as assistance in identifying the kinds of support you may need and specific service providers. Contact Client Services through this Website or call 800-832-1901.

Services and Referrals

GMDVP also can help you identify services for your friend or family member and for you, such as housing programs, healthcare and therapeutic programs. Contact Client Services through this Website or call 800-832-1901.

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